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The Universe in All Our Glory

As a quantum scientist and Hinduist, I understand and appreciate that us having this conversation is an act of creation. Now that it exists, it has always and will always exist.

The quantum scientist in me appreciates that the act of being is a series of astonishing coincidences that come together as if picked like grapes from vines of infinite variance, traveling by at the speed of light.  The Hinduist appreciates that that is, in itself, creation, which is, in itself, divine. We are all gods, creating the universe around us by simply experiencing it.  One of the most basic tenants of quantum mechanics is that the universe is only a foam of uncertainty until it is observed. The act of observation is creativity. Thus, it follows that, by observing your own creativity, you are creating it.  In this way, creativity is both an entity all its own, and something you bring to life.  So, I appreciate the fact that I was given the ability to create, but also that, on a universal level, me being an intellectual has been in the works for 13 billion years.

Ever since the Big Bang, I have existed as an intellectual. I’ve just been waiting for time to catch up to me, so I could experience it.  The near-infinite forces at work that have given each of us this ability are hardly even conceivable.  You are but one atom, on one grain on sand, on a beach of stars and planets ten times the volume of all the beaches on the planet combined.

And yet you, little old you, have the spark of sheer divinity coursing through you.  You and I and the rest of our kind are all works of art, wrought by the stretching and smashing of planets, stars, clusters, galaxies, and universes, for all infinite time.

Creativity is a choice.  But, actually, when I think about it, your choice is already made. You only observe a false opportunity to choose. But if you were capable of fathoming every single thing since the dawn of a person’s perception that has gone into creating the person someone is at that any given moment, you could predict without fail what they were going to choose to do.  You viewing something as a choice is only because you didn’t see it coming.  But who you are is what makes choices, not who you think you are. Hell, even who you think you are is totally dependent on who you actually are.  Your thoughts are based on perception, as much as “choice”.

So really what I’m doing right now isn’t “thinking”. It’s the inevitable outcome of all the variables that have gone into this moment, from my genetics to my diet to my education to my upbringing to my amount of accumulated data to the hormones coursing through my body. And all of those variables are merely the inevitable outcomes of the variables the went into creating them.  My mind is no more alive than is the mountain on which I live.  I know that realization can be depressing, even crushing.  However, I also realize that those realizations can lead to realizations. For instance, the realization that even if the universe is a swirling vortex of coincidences, none of it would matter if no one were here to admire it. Thus, any way you look at it, we are all still little gods.


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