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The Beginning of Something Beautiful

With the complete reimagining of my artistic life underway, I feel it’s finally time to show the world what I can do.

After I graduated, I spent time reevaluating and improving myself, becoming more the man I want to be, and now, I’ve become artistically invigorated once more, and have been mounting effort, taking key steps in my path toward the life I want, and redoing my entire portfolio for the job I actually want to do, for the job I should do.

I have moved to Seattle, the most perfect place I’ve ever been.  I feel so at-home here that I can’t imagine being anywhere else, as if other places don’t even exist.  And my art has taken off in ways that I can only be constantly stunned by.

Now, let’s see what a lot of elbow grease and some good ol’ determination can get me!

And so I welcome you, newcomer.  Please find your beautiful self over to the Map and choose a category that you’d like to browse, such as to see my reels or renders.


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