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The Cavalry Arrives

After playing through Mass Effect for the second time and Halo: Reach for the fourth time, and watching the new Star Trek, all in the course of two weeks, I decided it was time to put together a painting of space warfare! It started out as a simple thing, but soon evolved into a complete geek-gasm all over the canvas. I think my inspiration for the design of the starships is apparently all three franchises’ aesthetics, and I love the way it came together. It’s very different, stylistically, from the rest of my paintings. It really feels like a battle in 3 dimensions, if bound by the gravity of the planet they fight for, and it has the feeling of those old-school WWII paintings of navy battles in the Pacific that I love so much. It makes me wonder what our great-great-grandchildren will see in war museums, after the next Great War.

As for process, I branched out and took a mixed digital approach, Maya for the foreground ship, its clone, and a lot of their lighting, and Photoshop for the rest. I’m cutting it off here, because I could spend another month making this the most complex, convoluted painting you’ve ever seen. Not bad, for just under 3 days, if you ask me. I hope you agree.


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