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From Concept to Sculpt

What you saw in the last post is a preview screen capture from my Maya rig of the character ‘Breeze,’ whose concept art is in an earlier post. And here I show you the sculpt I’m working on. Unfortunately, in the virus attack I mentioned a few posts ago (my first ever, and an astoundingly potent worm, in even the experience of my computer tech roommate) I have lost the newest versions of the sculpt and every bit of the texturing I’d finished, which unfortunately never got backed up this last month.

However, this is reason to rejoice! These new sculpts have been even better than the originals, evoking more of the character’s soul, showing off even finer development of the anatomy, and generally flowing more easily from mind to model. This preview shows off not only my modeling skill, but also the process in which I work. From the breasts up, you see the nearly-finalized sculpture, with only minute surface detail left to be added. The arms showcase the intermediate stage, where I’ve carved in high-level detail in the musculature, but still need to flesh them, quite literally. From the breasts down on the front and shoulders down on the back, you see the refined sketching phase, working in the important curves and angles, to create the silhouette of the character, so necessary for player recognition in hectic situations or at great distance.

Beautiful, but not dainty at all, ‘Breeze’ is supremely athletic. Her dense, perfectly-defined musculature provides an excellent opportunity for me to show off my knowledge, as well as to create a character that doesn’t fit the standard mold for women characters in games. I hope you enjoy looking at it, half as much as I enjoyed working on it.


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