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Premade Assets Available – Particles

I am now selling packages of premade game assets.  From realistic particles for effects, which you can use with any game engine, to symbols in many aesthetics, so you can make your own buttons and rewards.

All assets are 512×512 pixels, and come in .PNG format, unless otherwise requested.  Pricing is as follows:

Realistic Particle Packs – Inanimate – Fire, Smoke, Water and Snow, Dirt and Mud, Blood and Gore, Rain and Lightning, Magic

  • One Pack – 7 Particles = $10
  • Two Packs – 14 Particles = $15
  • All Seven Packs – 49 Particles = $35

Symbols – Flat, Gel, Metallics, Assorted Animal Prints – Rimmed or Basic Edge

Shapes Included – Circle, Triangle, Square, Pentagon, Hexagon, Octogon, Decagon, Torus, Cross, Heart, Star

  • Pack – Single Color = $25
  • Pack – Mixed Colors (No Choice Per Shape) = $10
  • Pack – Mixed Colors (One Choice Per Shape) = $15
  • Pack – Mixed Colors (Two Choices Per Shape) = $25

Customization available at standard hourly rates.  Purchases made through PayPal, where payment fees may apply.  For more information, please email your questions and/or orders to:



Particle sets available:










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