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To the skies!

Still working within the 30-minute time limit, I’m expanding to see how much detail I can throw down on the canvas. For what it is, I think this sketch is quite the accomplishment and will feed not only my speed and accuracy, but my rapid prototyping abilities. I’m learning to touch in just enough detail to let the viewer fill in the rest for me. Enjoy!

A 30-minute Sketch of a Pilot


Graceful Dancer

Another sketch to improve my painting speed, this dancer turned out very nicely. I used a photo for reference of the pose, but to challenge myself, I completely changed the viewing angle up and to the left more than 30 degrees, and gave her one stage-level, off-left spotlight and a rim light. Despite the complexity of the pose, I maintained the difficult speed crunch that I wanted to force myself into, with just 30 minutes. I love the motion and grace in her body, muscles rendered just enough to show her athleticism. I’m very proud of how she turned out.

A 30-minute Sketch of a Dancer

Something to Show For It

I’ve been working hard lately, and I’m here now to start posting my work. I’m working on several separate projects, which are all nearing completion. But for now, I’m going to start sharing some sketching and studies I’ve been doing to hone my digital painting abilities.

This sketch is a 30-minute block sketch. 30:00 from start to finish; idea to deadline. I feel like I captured a sense of urgency, surprise, and motion. It, as you can see, isn’t quite uniformly finished, as I was strict with the cut-off time, so I can train myself to become faster. The first of many to come.

A 30-minute Sketch of a Soldier