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Updates!, cont’d.

And another piece from the same game, this one the in-game menu:



I have been busy as all get-out, for the last couple of months, but I have some great things to show you guys from projects that are soon to hit the market, in the next month or two. (fingers crossed)

The producers have asked me to remove the titles for the work, for now, so I’ll just be showing assets and such.  Here is a piece from a beautiful Japanese-themed UI, which, in the final version, sways and moves ever so slowly:


I’m ALSO a user interface designer…

For all of those potential clients who would like examples of my ability with UI design, I spent the afternoon throwing together a collection of examples of different aesthetics I can produce. I did two buttons for full-res Flash, along with launcher icons for both iPhone 4 and Android systems. There’s also some clean, contemporary basic buttons, just so you know I can handle glossy internet stuff. And finally, there’s a static shot of an elegant, animated Flash-based UI menu I did, in which the binary code flows downward and acts as a mask for the menu category words, and the ring around the power button seethes with energy. (Can’t show the animated version, due to an NDA.) Hope this answers any questions you guys have had about my aptitude in this part of the field. And remember, this is just a sampling. I am a creator, and I can come up with something truly extraordinary for whatever kind of project you’re working on, be it a game, a website, or whatever. I even do print-resolution work for magazines and other publications, so if you need work for your next book’s cover, hit me up.

Tonight or in the morning, I’ll be posting a little bit of 2D asset work for you to check out.