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Tear the Blood

So, my friends have gotten me into Magic: The Gathering, by the ever-amazing Wizards of the Coast, over the last few months, and when I wanted to do a full-tilt illustration to break up my character modeling drive, the obvious choice was to learn from the greats and take a whack at a Magic card illustration. I play a black vampire deck, so this is for a black mana, instant spell I made up called “Tear the Blood.” Make sure to click through to the high-res version. If anyone would like to see process work on this, shoot me an email.


In the meantime…

Hey, guys. It’s been a few weeks, since I’ve posted. I’ve been wicked busy, working on multiple characters at once, trying to get my reels together.

But, in the meantime, I’ve thrown down a couple of paintings to break up the pattern for myself and get it fresh. Here’s a 5-hour speedpaint I did, no photo-manip, straight from head to canvas. It’s always so refreshing when something comes out the way you felt it should. I’ve been learning so much more about technique these last few weeks. I feel like I conveyed a depth in the painting that has been absent in my others. It’s called “A Long Way Home.” More to come, soon.

Recovery of data… 98%… 99%… Completed!, cont’d. 2

I’ve just started working on her subtools. This is the first female hair I’ve sculpted, and I think it’s going very well. I’m super proud of the results so far. I can’t wait to see it fully mapped, glistening in the sunlight!

Recovery of data… 98%… 99%… Completed!, cont’d.

And here is one showing off her incredibly powerful legs, also complete other than the scars, as well as some veining on the foot:

Recovery of data… 98%… 99%… Completed!

My wonderful roommate was able to salvage every last bit of my data from my old computer! Huzzah! And I’ve re-learned a very simple lesson: “Always wear your seatbelt.”

It’s been busy this last week, so I haven’t been able to work as much on my projects as I’d have liked to, but I’m very pleased with the work I’ve done. I’ve continued sculpting ‘Breeze,’ as well as doing quite a bit, in terms of concept work for another project I’ll show you in the coming weeks, and starting on a few new paintings I can’t wait to share with you.

I’ll post these in separate posts, so you can see the full-res version of each, which is inhibited when I post multiple images to the same entry. So, as I’ve said before, ‘Breeze’ is no soft young woman. She’s a hardened warrior, and her body reflects it. This screen cap from ZBrush shows off what I’ve accomplished with her arms, the only thing left to do being the addition of her many scars:

From Concept to Sculpt, cont’d.

This second render shows off the face, in detail:

From Concept to Sculpt

What you saw in the last post is a preview screen capture from my Maya rig of the character ‘Breeze,’ whose concept art is in an earlier post. And here I show you the sculpt I’m working on. Unfortunately, in the virus attack I mentioned a few posts ago (my first ever, and an astoundingly potent worm, in even the experience of my computer tech roommate) I have lost the newest versions of the sculpt and every bit of the texturing I’d finished, which unfortunately never got backed up this last month.

However, this is reason to rejoice! These new sculpts have been even better than the originals, evoking more of the character’s soul, showing off even finer development of the anatomy, and generally flowing more easily from mind to model. This preview shows off not only my modeling skill, but also the process in which I work. From the breasts up, you see the nearly-finalized sculpture, with only minute surface detail left to be added. The arms showcase the intermediate stage, where I’ve carved in high-level detail in the musculature, but still need to flesh them, quite literally. From the breasts down on the front and shoulders down on the back, you see the refined sketching phase, working in the important curves and angles, to create the silhouette of the character, so necessary for player recognition in hectic situations or at great distance.

Beautiful, but not dainty at all, ‘Breeze’ is supremely athletic. Her dense, perfectly-defined musculature provides an excellent opportunity for me to show off my knowledge, as well as to create a character that doesn’t fit the standard mold for women characters in games. I hope you enjoy looking at it, half as much as I enjoyed working on it.